Woman hit by train posing for pictures
Posing beforehand. Photo: Chengsu Evening News

A woman has had an amazing escape after being sent flying by a train travelling at 140km/h while posing for pictures on a railway track.

The student, who wanted to be known only by the nickname Xiaoli and her friend had decided to use the train track as a backdrop for pictures in Shaodong County in central China’s Hunan Province, reports the Changsha Evening News.

With a train approaching at over 90 mph, Xiao took up a position near the tracks, ready for her friend to take the dramatic picture.

However, she was standing too close and she was sent flying – although her friend captured the scene and the picture has since gone viral.

“I felt this sudden bump and I was flying sideways. The train stopped and the driver thought he must have killed me,” said Li, reports the Daily Mail.

“I didn't realise I was so close. My shoulder was badly bruised but I'm lucky to be alive.”

She was taken to hospital for treatment but escaped with minor injuries.

Xiao Li has her narrow escape as the train passes by. Photo: Chengsu Evening News

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