It is a grim sight – and this blanket of dead herring has left the experts puzzled.

Millions of dollars of dead herring have been found in a fjord in Iceland for the second time in less than three months.

Some experts believe it is caused by a severe cooling in temperature caused by northerly winds; others claim it is because of a lack of oxygen as a result of a construction of a bridge.

The herring weighs an estimated 30,000 tonnes and is worth around $24million, reports the Daily Mail.

The Icelandic government is monitoring the situation after agreeing to fund research - the fishing industry is a massive part of the economy - but in the mean time the clean up is causing problems.

The rotten fish smell is making life a misery for nearby residents while tens of thousands of birds have also been drawn to the site.

A man surveys the scene as the dead herring washes up. Photo: AP
The herring are collected as part of the clean-up. Photo: AP

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