Groom cheated on new wife at wedding reception
Groom cheated on new wife at wedding reception

A jilted bride has finally been granted a divorce from her cheating husband six months after her father caught him in the act with a waitress at their wedding reception.

The unidentified German man apparently couldn't wait to consummate the marriage and instead snuck away with a waitress for a quickie in the kitchen.

He would have gotten away with it if his brand new father-in-law hadn't come in for a quick snack, catching the two in a compromising position.

The father immediately shut down the music and sent his quests home without telling them why.

The furious bride went to a local courthouse the next day to seek a divorce, but was told she needed to wait six months under Austrian law.

The two are now divorced, with the husband forced to pay alimony because he was at fault in their split.

It's not all bad news for the insatiable groom – he can take comfort with his new wife, the waitress.

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