Centuries old bible 'mean Christianity's downfall'

Iran claims a recently discovered, centuries old bible will prove once and for all that Islam is the one true religion.

Centuries old bible 'mean Christianity's downfall'

Centuries old bible 'mean Christianity's downfall'

The bible, confiscated from smugglers by Turkish authorities in 2000 is believed to come from the fifth century and is made from animal hide.

Experts believe it may be a copy of the Gospel as written by Jesus' disciple Barnabas, but Iranian state press claims it is much more than that.

Basij Press in Iran says the bible contains information that will trigger Christianity's downfall, and prove Islam as the superior religion.

Basij Press has quoted this version of the bible as saying "God has hidden himself as Archangel Michael ran them (Adam and Eve) out of heaven, (and) when Adam turned, he noticed that at top of the gateway to heaven, it was written "La elah ela Allah, Mohamad rasool Allah,"' meaning Allah is the only God and Mohammad his prophet.

Iranian state press went on to report the bible saying that Jesus never died on the cross, and that he himself predicted Mohammed's coming.

The book was found by authorities on 2000 during a crackdown on antiques smugglers, but excitement has recently been generated by claims The Vatican wants to get its hands on the book.

In February it was claimed The Vatican had made an official request to view the book, which is thought to still lie in a Turkish museum.

While most experts have rubbished Iran's claims, the Islamic nation is adamant the book means the downfall of Christianity.

"The most significant fact, though, is that this Bible has predicted the coming of Prophet Mohammad and in itself has verified the religion of Islam," state television claims.

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