Is this the world s worst boyfriend?
Is this the world's worst boyfriend?

Is this the world's worst boyfriend?

Most girlfriends would be forgiven for thinking they can rely on their boyfriends to protect them if there was ever an intruder in the house.

But not this boyfriend.

Instead, he's the one under the mask.

Addressing the camera at the start of the video, Youtube user Viruz5, explains his girlfriend and her sisters are on their way home from work, and he plans to scare them as they walk through the door.

One hour later, three women walk through the door, only to be confronted by a masked 'intruder', carrying a TV and laptop.

Understandably, the women don’t stick around to find out who is under the mask.

Video of the 'prank' is now being watched around the world.

Check it out below.

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