World-class arena pitched for Brisbane CBD

Laura Polson

The Killers have nearly wrapped their Australia tour but Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad hopes they'll one day return to play at a world-class arena pitched for Brisbane.

The Palaszczuk government is pushing for a 17,000-seat entertainment arena called 'Brisbane Live' to be built as part of the Cross River Rail project.

"We have seen Malcolm Turnbull splash a lot of cash around for NSW and Victoria. We just want to be treated the same quite frankly," Ms Trad told reporters on Sunday.

The state government has committed $5 million to AEG Ogden for the company to develop a business case for the precinct which will include performance space, retailers, restaurants and more.

Despite the LNP being behind the project, the opposition called the $5 million dollar announcement a 'talk-fest' and said the original proposal from AEG Ogden had been with Labor for two years and needs to be fast-tracked.

"It's time to stop talking and start building this important project," LNP Shadow Attorney-General David Janetzki told reporters.

It's hoped the $2 billion project would be funded by a partnership between the state, council, the private sector and investors.

Ms Trad said the venue would "transform Brisbane" and deliver economic and employment opportunities for decades to come.

"The Killers were recently out here, it would have been great to have them in the city so that lots of people could go and enjoy them," she said.

The complex will be built at Roma Street alongside the new underground Cross River Rail station, with the Queensland government eager to receive funds for the southeast Queensland rail project in this week's federal budget.

Despite it topping the state government's federal budget wish list, Ms Trad says she's not confident the Turnbull government will come through with the cash.

"We have seen the Turnbull government let down Queensland in terms of this critical project, our number one infrastructure project," she said.

"We've also seen them short-change us in terms of other critical infrastructure projects for Queensland. I hope Queenslanders can expect we will get treated as well as our southern cousins."