Workmates' desperate attempt to save man who died in trench fall

Devastating details have emerged about a young tradie’s tragic drowning on a construction site in Perth.

On Wednesday, the 26-year-old was trapped in a trench that filled with mud and water after a pipe burst on the Mosman Park site.

It was eight and a half hours before it was safe enough to bring the young man’s body to the surface.

Rescue crews worked into the night to shore up the edges and pump water from the trench where the trapped tradesman drowned.

A 26-year-old became trapped in a trench that filled with mud and water after a pipe burst on the Mosman Park site. Source: 7 News

Firefighters took over from his workmates, who had tried to save one of their own as a burst main filled the trench with water and mud, making it like quicksand.

“It was traumatic to see these grown men screaming, trying to get their friend out of the situation,” witness Thomas Carew-Reid said.

“It was just so quick.”

Thomas was the first to ring triple-zero.

“Within two minutes, his head was under water and my neighbour came over with a snorkel and tube  – everything we could try to give them access to air.”

Fellow workmates tried desperately to rescue the man but he couldn’t be saved. Source: 7 News

The tragedy unfolded opposite a medical centre.

Doctors from the surgery ran to the scene, but there was nothing they could do either. .

On Thursday it was tools down, with flowers and tributes laid at the site.

Worksafe, union officials and the construction company, Badge, were allowed in as investigators try to piece together the young plumber’s final moments.

Flowers and tributes were laid at the site where the man died. Source: 7 News

Badge Construction’s Roger Zammit said the company was “shattered” and were cooperating with Worksafe.

Outside Parliament House, hordes of construction workers reeling from three worksite deaths in a week held a minute’s silence in honour of a life cut short too soon.