'Worker' in Sydney-Hobart drug ring jailed

Ethan James

A young Sydney woman who trafficked large quantities of ice and cocaine on flights between the city and Hobart packed the drugs in vacuum-sealed bags to hide their smell.

Alexandra Rose Kobelke, 26, was on Wednesday sentenced to two years and eight months in jail for her part in a large scale drug trafficking operation.

She made 13 trips between Sydney and Hobart in a little more than a year from December 10, 2017.

Kobelke brought "wholesale quantities" of the drugs into Hobart and returned to Sydney with large sums of money.

She worked for other people and was promised money or drugs for making each trip but didn't receive a share of the profits.

On nine of the flights she bought tickets under a false name.

"Although Ms Kobelke was a worker rather than an entrepreneur, this is a serious case of trafficking," Justice Alan Blow told Hobart Supreme Court.

Justice Blow said it was impossible to determine exactly how much money Kobelke transported but it was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On a trip in January last year, Kobelke, who is from Punchbowl, was arrested at Sydney Airport with $40,000 of ice and 54 grams of cocaine worth $16,000.

At her Sydney apartment, police found $4000 which has been forfeited to the state.

Kobelke was involved in dealing the drugs and also packed the illegal substances using cryovac vacuum-sealed bags.

She had pleaded guilty to trafficking in a controlled substance and will have to serve 16 months behind bars before being eligible for parole.

Kobelke's sentence has been backdated to March.