Woolworths worker praised over resignation letter: 'Absolute beauty'

A South Australian TikToker who shot to fame for his video as a Woolworths worker shocked viewers with what he claimed was his resignation letter.

Kenny Kendera from Adelaide has racked up almost 9,000 followers for his comedy clips which poke fun at customers and the challenges of working for the supermarket giant.

“The time has finally come,” the 22-year-old wrote alongside a six-second video.

Behind the words, “just wrote my resignation letter for Woolies,” Kenny showed how he suggested he was going to quit.

As his camera pans over a black printer, the young influencer can be seen taking a piece of paper off the top.

Flipping it over, just two words are revealed on the otherwise blank sheet.

“Bye lol,” it reads.

Kenny Kendera's resignation letter for Woolworths.
Kenny Kendera's resignation letter for Woolworths contained just two words. Source: TikTok

'Short and simple'

The six-second clip, which was only posted on Thursday, has blown up online.

Since it was uploaded, it has been watched by more than 1.7 million users.

Many of those who caught the video praised the TikToker for his swift resignation.

“Straight to the point,” one person wrote.

“Short and simple,” and "an absolute beauty" said others.

Kendera has not said if he actually handed in the two-word letter.

Kenny Kendera shot to fame for his TikTok videos which made fun of working for Woolworths. Source: TikTok
Kenny Kendera shot to fame for his TikTok videos which made fun of working for Woolworths. Source: TikTok

People shared their own resignation stories.

“I pulled out a foot of receipt roll and I wrote my resignation on that,” someone said online.

“I just texted my store manager and said, I quit lol,” another wrote.

“I verbally told my boss at McDonald’s I quit,” someone else added. “He said I need it written [so] I wrote ‘I quit’ on a napkin and left.

While other people took the video as a “sign” to chuck in their own jobs.

“I’m doing this,” one determined employee wrote.

“I’m really tempted,” added another.

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