Woolworths worker praised after falling for 'classic' prank

The woman's Aussie response once realising she has fallen for the classic Bart Simpson prank has been warmly welcomed on TikTok.

It's the age-old prank immortalised by Bart Simpson.

Asking someone to make a public announcement to locate a fictional person, whose first and last names combined result in an embarrassing utterance, is a gag that's been around for donkey's years. But sadly for one innocent Woolworths worker, she fell hook, line and sinker for it.

Yet her very Aussie reaction after realising her mistake has won her praise after video of the prank gained traction on TikTok with close to 900,000 views.

In the clip two teens approach the customer service desk and one tells the woman he's lost his younger brother. "What's his name, darl?" she asks, to which he tells her, "Moe Lester."

The woman behind the Woolworths making an announcement as she falls for the prank. Source: Getty/ TikTok - outlaw_cunse1
The woman behind the counter quickly realised she had been pranked. Source: Getty/ TikTok - outlaw_cunse1

"Is there a Moe Lester in this store?" she then asks over the loudspeaker before quickly realising her error in judgement. "You buggers," she says, turning to a colleague before repeating herself as she shakes what she was holding in the direction of the teens.

While many praised the teens for successfully carrying out a "classic" prank, others focused on the member of staff. "That lady is an absolute champion," one person said. "She accepted the loss and respected the win," another added.

"Love how the chick actually took the joke, gotta love Straya," one user wrote.

Woolworths embraces age of TikTok

Australian supermarkets have been the stage for several Aussie pranksters looking to make it big on the popular video-sharing platform in recent years. In 2021, one content creator attempted to give away free food over the loudspeaker in a Woolworths store.

One TikTok trend that reached Aussie supermarkets was where users filmed themselves attempting to pay for a stranger's shopping at the checkout. Last year, the trend backfired for one TikToker in Aldi, prompting an angry response from the man he tried to help.

Woolworths itself has embraced the platform, utilising the services of one staff member who gained a strong following on the app to create content for the supermarket, with its profile attracting more than 150,000 followers.

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