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Woolworths unveils scan-at-home feature: 'Cannot shop any other way'

Woolworths has unveiled barcode scan-at-home technology to help shoppers create their shopping lists and cut down their time spent in store.

The innovative technology allows shoppers to build their shopping list using the Woolies app by scanning the barcode of products they have previously purchased from the supermarket.

Stills from Woolworths TikTok showing new scan at-home technology
Woolworths customers can create their shopping lists in the Woolies app by scanning barcodes of items they previously bought from the supermarket. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

Woolies demonstrated the time-saving shopping hack on its official TikTok account, with narration from celebrity staffer, Liam Kirley.

"This is Robin. Don't worry, she can't hear me, but look at how she is writing her shopping list by hand. Look how sore it's getting," jokes Liam, while Robin shakes out her tired hands.

"Luckily, she has her phone and she can make her list through the Woolworths app," says Liam.

Robin is seen opening the Woolworths app and navigates to the barcode scanner to start her shopping list.

How to use Woolies' scan-at-home technology

"In the search bar tap the barcode scanner, then scan the product you want to add to your list, then click 'Add to List'," says Liam, as Robin scans a can of olive oil using the barcode scanner in the app.

Liam concludes the video by saying, "Look how happy Robin is" as she smiles at the camera having saved the item to her shopping list.

Once the product has been saved to a customer's shopping list, shoppers can check items off their list while they shop in-store.

Woolworths shopper uses app to make shopping list
The scan-at-home feature makes it easy for Woolies shoppers to find items in store. Source: Woolworths Group

Shoppers will also find information, such as the aisle and price, to help them locate the product during their shop and cut down on time spent in store.

Shoppers praise Woolies app

Woolworths shoppers praised the supermarket for the innovative scanning feature, with many claiming it's the only way to shop.

"That's how I do shopping and you can also save it," wrote one shopper.

A second wrote: "I cannot shop any other way now! I love the app!"

One man revealed how shoppers can use the barcode scanner to find the price of items in the wrong place or without a price tag.

"Pro tip: Find a random item in store that's in the wrong place? You want it but don't know the price? Barcode scanner to the rescue!"

Woolworths responded: "That’s a great hack!"

Another shopper suggested that Woolies introduce the ability to manually key in barcode numbers to the scanner for barcodes that fail to scan.

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