'It nearly split my tooth': Customer surprised by find in Woolworth's bread

The seed of an olive left inside a loaf of sourdough bread has nearly broken a man’s tooth.

Stephen Kallinicos purchased a “sourdough Kalamata olive” loaf from Woolworths’ Morayfield store, in Queensland’s Moreton Bay Region, on Wednesday last week.

But when he had a slice on Monday morning he bit right into a rock-hard pointed olive seed, Mr Kallinicos told Yahoo News Australia.

The slice containing the olive seed that Stephen Kallinicos bit into. Source: Stephen Kallinicos

“I was a bit shocked, until I spat it out and saw what it was. I was a bit annoyed after that. It could of cost me a lot of money at the dentist,” Mr Kallinicos said.

“I was lucky enough not to split my tooth in half,” he wrote in a post to Woolworths’ Facebook page.

“I felt a bit of pain but it seems to be okay now. I don't think I have done any damage,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

Mr Kallinicos discovered the seed after biting into a slice on Tuesday. Source: Stephen Kallinicos

Mr Kallinicos said while the pain had subsided, he was worried the same thing could happen to someone else and have a far worse outcome.

“The next person might not be so lucky. Their products are generally pretty good,” Mr Kallinicos said.

“The olives are sliced in the bread, so the whole seed would stick out like a sore thumb when being added.”

Mr Kallinicos said the Woolworths Sourdough Kalamata Olive loaf had a seed inside. Source: Woolworths

The incident, while unpleasant, was not enough to ruin the whole loaf for Mr Kallinicos, who continued making his way through it while being “cautious”.

“I still have about half the loaf left. I’m just a bit more cautious when eating it now.”

In reply to the customer’s Facebook post, Woolworths said it was “terribly sorry” to hear about the quality issue.

“We're terribly sorry to see an olive seed in your bread. We pride ourselves with providing the highest quality of products so we certainly understand your dissatisfaction,” a spokesperson wrote.

“As we're concerned by this we'd like to raise this to our products team who'll look into this further. In a private message, could you please provide us with: expiry date and batch details?.”

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Woolworths Australia in relation to the matter.

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