Woolworths shoppers slam ‘misleading pattern' in discounts

Eagle-eyed shoppers have called out Woolworths for a “misleading pattern” they suspect has emerged in recent weeks.

Customers have taken aim at the supermarket’s pricing system after bizarre discrepancies were spotted across a host of product lines and stores.

In one example, a shelf of Vegemite jars at the Woden store in the ACT was advertised to be “half price” but also had a label stating the product was 20 per cent off.

The 280g product had been reduced from $5 to $4 - a 20 per cent discount - confirming that it most certainly had not been reduced to half price.

Woolworths store pictured.
Woolworths customers have become suspicious of the supermarket's pricing system. Source: Getty Images

A customer shared an image of the contradictory labels to Twitter this week, pointing out that “both these claims can’t be true”.

“There is a definite and misleading pattern emerging,” their tweet read.

In a further complaint, the shopper asked if Woolworths was going to respond to the “ongoing problem where products are placed on shelves in a manner which implies they are at a larger discount than is actually being offered”.

Inside another store there were two conflicting signs advertising special prices for Lipton ice tea 1.5 litre bottles which were photographed and shared to Facebook on Wednesday.

These two signs provided conflicting information about the actual cost of the ice tea. Source: Facebook
These two signs provided conflicting information about the actual cost of the ice tea. Source: Facebook

One advertised the beverage for sale for $1.97 which supposedly was half price, while a label alongside it advertised it at two for $6.30, which apparently was a saving of $1.28 from its original price.

The shopper sarcastically described the offers as a “bargain”.

The inaccuracies were seemingly not exclusive to products in-store, with some customers sharing images from the online store revealing similar discrepancies.

Shopper tells Woolworths to ‘fix them up’

One shopper spotted two Finish dishwasher cleaning products and a pack of party size Doritos that were advertised to be on “special” but appeared to have not changed in price.

“These are some fantastic specials listed online Woolworths,” they wrote in a post to Facebook on Wednesday.

“You may want to fix them up,” they added.

Six packs of Prima juice boxes seemed to also fall into the same category, with them advertised at $2.50 per pack or $13 for five packs - 50 cents more expensive that its regular price.

The customer who spotted the discrepancy said they were “trying to work out this 'special' out”.

Woolworths says inconsistencies caused by ‘human error’

A Woolworths spokesperson said such inconsistencies were likely the result of human error.

“Our teams work hard to print and distribute tens of thousands of specials tickets each and every week,” they told Yahoo News Australia.

“While we always strive for accuracy and clarity, we do unfortunately see human errors from time to time.

“We apologise to our customers for the errors and we are working with our store teams to have this resolved quickly.”

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