Woolworths shopper's off-putting discovery on roast chicken

An alarming sight greeted a Woolworths shopper who picked up a roast chicken to find the animal still had what appeared to be its head still attached.

The cooked chook was picked up from a Woolworths store in Tasmania last week by a man who was perplexed by what he saw inside the bag when he arrived home.

“So is this a new thing? Woolworths chicken with the head still attached?” he wrote in a post to the supermarket’s Facebook page on Friday.

Photo shows the front of a Woolworths store.
A Woolworths customer was left stunned after he bought a roast chicken in Tasmania. Source: Getty Images

He attached a photo of the hot food item, which featured a neck extending from the front of the chicken, a limb that is usually not attached on the Woolworths roast chook.

A Woolworths spokesperson acknowledged that the state of the chicken was “clearly unacceptable”.

“We pride ourselves on providing high quality roast chickens to our customers and regret that this customer received one well below our usual standards,” they told Yahoo News Australia.

“It's clearly unacceptable and we're following up with our chicken supply partner and in-store team to understand how this happened. We've contacted the customer to apologise for their experience and will offer a refund.

“We’re unaware of any similar reports on our roast chickens at this time.”

The Woolworths customer wasn’t the first to be startled by a cooked chicken, with a Coles shopper last month discovering a series of holes inside one that he believed were created by a worm.

He bought the chicken from the Glendale store, west of Newcastle in NSW, for lunch but was quickly turned off after finding what he thought was the dead body of a worm burrowed into the meat.

Photo shows Woolworths roast chicken with a neck attached.
The shopper shared this photo showing the animal's neck attached. Source: Facebook

In photos of the product shared online, the round holes were quite clearly visible in several parts of the chicken.

He said he was left feeling “disgusted” after the experience and vowed to never purchase cooked chicken again.

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