Woolworths shoppers lose it over $300 message on checkout screen

As the cost-of-living crisis rolls on, Aussies are desperate to save where they can.

We're all trying to find ways to save this Christmas amid a gruelling cost-of-living crisis, so it's no surprise a bunch of Aussies were pleading for answers when one Woolworths shopper shared a $300 reward she'd received in-store.

Sharing a photo among a group of savvy Facebook users on Thursday, the customer showed off a pop-up on her self-checkout screen revealing a $300 discount.

"How?!" a bunch of shoppers eagerly asked.

A $300 reward on a woolworths check out screen.
Woolworths shoppers were desperately seeking answers after seeing a $300 saving. (Source: Facebook)

According to Woolworths, the huge discount is a result of their Bank for Christmas scheme, which allows shoppers to save their Everyday Rewards points for the end of the year to be redeemed in a lump sum.

“We know Christmas can be an expensive time of year for shoppers and Bank for Christmas is a great way for Everyday Rewards members to collect points on their everyday shops, banking the dollars for when they’re needed most," Everyday Rewards General Manager Glenn Baker said.

This year shoppers were able to release their savings from November 13, giving customers the opportunity to cash in during Black Friday sales.


The woman's $300 saving is one of many happy outcomes for struggling shoppers, with reports some customers have up to $5,000 saved up. One mum told Yahoo Finance Australia this week the scheme has been a huge help this Christmas and is far better than "$10 [off a shop] here and there".

What supermarket loyalty programs are available?

More than four in five Aussies are now part of a supermarket rewards program, recent Finder data found, with around 58 per cent using their points to help save money on groceries.

The Everyday Rewards loyalty scheme allows customers to earn points when shopping at Woolworths, along with partners including Big W, BWS and Ampol.

Members can get $10 off each time they collect 2,000 Everyday Rewards points. Alternatively, they can convert them into 1,000 Qantas Points.

Supermarket rival Coles has Flybuys. Members earn points when shopping at Coles and partners including Kmart, Target, Bunnings Warehouse, Officeworks, First Choice, Liquorland and Shell Coles Express.

Like Everyday Rewards, Flybuys members can get $10 off their shop each time they collect 2,000 points. They can also convert 1,000 points into 500 Velocity Points.

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