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Woolworths shopper stuns with Everyday Rewards card hack: 'Iconic'

A Woolworths customer has shared his unique hack for ensuring he never forgets his Everyday Rewards card again – and it works.

TikTok user @ralphrivera247 recently posted a clip to his channel, which he called a “tattoo hack” in the video’s description.

The video shows the man using a self-serve checkout at a Woolworths store to buy a drink bottle.

But before he finalises his transaction, the man leans over and places his right forearm against the scanner, revealing a barcode tattoo.

Man scanning barcode tattoo at Woolworths self-serve checkout
The Woolworths shopper laughed as the self-serve checkout scanned the Everyday Rewards barcode tattooed on his arm. Source: TikTok/@ralphrivera247

The checkout scans the man’s tattoo and applies his Everyday Rewards membership to the sale, after which the man can be heard saying “ah, see? See, it works!” to the person behind the camera.

The short clip has racked up over 748,000 views on TikTok, 70,000 likes, and hundreds of comments labelling the barcode tattoo as “iconic”.

TikTok torn over Everyday Rewards ‘hack’

TikTokers have taken to the comments section to post their thoughts on the man’s Everyday Rewards hack, and not all are impressed.

“You could've at least put the tattoo in a place that doesn't dislocate your arm using it,” one TikTok user said.

“I just use an app on my phone called StoCard to store all my rewards cards. I think it's a little easier,” wrote another.

“Too bad the rewards card numbers change every few years,” commented a third.

“I just use my Apple wallet but ok,” said a fourth.

In a comment response, the TikToker revealed that “the plan” was to get a Flybuys tattoo on his other arm.

Woolworths staffers react to barcode tattoo

Woolworths staffers have also posted their thoughts on the man’s tattoo in the comments section, while tagging other TikTok users and the official @woolworths_au account.

“As a Woolworths employee I hope you get free food for this one day,” one staffer said.

“Omg I remember you, you came through my register the first week you had it!” commented another.

“Might have to get staff card tattooed,” commented a third.

“I told my manager about it and no one believed me. You gotta come in again and show us,” added a fourth.

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