Woolworths shopper slams obvious problem with new 'green' bags

Woolworths shoppers have pointed out an obvious problem with the supermarket’s green bag scheme after issues with their online orders.

Yesterday, a frustrated customer took to Facebook to share a photo of the torn Woolworths paper bag she received as part of her online order.

“I love that Woolies is doing great with the 'going green' and using paperbacks instead of plastic for home deliveries now, but perhaps a bit more research is needed for frozen foods and milk transportation?” asked the shopper.

Ripped Woolworths paper bag next to carton of milk (left), shopper holding paper bag (right). Source: Facebook/Woolworths Group
A Woolworths customers has pointed out an obvious issue with paper carry bags online. Source: Facebook/Woolworths Group

“The paper doesn't hold up enough when the condensation builds up on these products,” she wrote, alongside the photo of the refrigerated two litre milk bottle that had caused the paper bag to tear.

However, the shopper mentioned that the other refrigerated food she received did not have the same effect on the bag, due to a lack of condensation.

Woolworths trialling the removal of plastic bags at checkout and online

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that they are trialling the removal of plastic shopping bags at checkout and in online orders.

"During the trial, online orders from these select stores will be packed in our paper bags, which are tested to carry up to six kilograms of groceries and are easy to recycle at home," said the spokesperson.

"We’re sorry to hear about this customers’ experience and have passed their feedback on to our online team.

"We’ll continue to closely monitor customer feedback during the trial before determining our next steps."

Woolworths introduce paper carry bags nationwide

Woolworths first introduced their paper carry bags in June 2020, after a successful trial at a number of stores and growing customer demand for greener alternatives.

Each carry bag is made from 70 per cent recycled paper and can be purchased in-store or online for 20 cents, as an alternative to the supermarket’s existing reusable plastic bags and Bag for Good options.

All paper used for the carry bags has been sourced responsibly, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, with non-recycled paper used in conjunction with the recycled paper to improve its strength.

Woolworths paper bags carried by shopper. Source: Woolworths Group
Woolworths launched their paper carry bags in June 2020. Source: Woolworths Group

The bags have also been tested to carry up to 6kg worth of groceries.

Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Claire Peters said that the decision to roll out a paper bag option was in response to customer feedback.

”For some time, customers have told us they’d like the option of a strong paper bag option, so we’re pleased to now offer that choice at our checkouts, alongside our existing reusable plastic bags,” said Ms Peters.

Shoppers can now choose from four carry bag options, with Woolworths’ Bag for Good, reusable plastic bags, and foldable bags also available at the checkout.

Woolworths’ paper carry bags are easily recycled in household curbside collection, while the reusable plastic bags can be recycled in the REDcycle bins outside their stores.

Additionally, Woolworths recently revealed on TikTok that shoppers can trade in their damaged Bag for Good for a new one in-store free of charge.

Customer slammed online after complaining about paper bags

One Woolworths customer faced the wrath of fellow shoppers after complaining about receiving paper bags in her online order.

The frustrated woman posted to the Woolworths Facebook page, where she asked the retailer why they had given her paper bags in her order when they “serve no purpose”.

“Why do I get paper bags with my online order when I specify I want plastic? It's not like it's free. I have to pay for bags. So in that case it should be plastic so I could reuse it again,” wrote the annoyed shopper in her post.

She added: “Paper bags serve no purpose for me. If it was free, I wouldn't care. But it's not. Thus my choice. Plastic please or make paper bags free.”

Shoppers were quick to call out the woman in the comments, pointing out that paper bags were better for the environment.

“I’ve re-used the paper bags many times, and I know there’s next to zero environmental impact from them compared to the plastic bags,” wrote one shopper.

“Dear Woolworths, how dare you give me paper, I don’t care about the environment. Give me plastic,” wrote another customer sarcastically.

“Imagine actually wanting plastic bags, wow,” they added.

While some simply asked why she couldn’t reuse the paper carry bags.

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