Woolworths shopper reveals hack that got her 30 Ooshies for just $30

The latest launch of Ooshies rolled out by Woolworths has sent shoppers to work in scheming ways to get the maximum number of toys for a minimum spend.

One mum may well have taken the cake for the craftiest shop since the promotion began on Wednesday last week, picking up 30 Ooshies in a shop of just $30.

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, NSW mum Hannah Rayner has explained just how she managed to pull it off.

The emergency department worker set about her mission at the Tweed City Woolworths in Tweed Heads, in the state’s far north, on Sunday.

With the challenging task of securing a full set for her two children and her “Disney-obsessed family”, Ms Rayner kept her eyes peeled for non-perishable items from brands worth bonus toys.

Photo shows a Woolworths shop worth $430.87 that earned a mum 30 Ooshies.
The mum scored 30 Ooshies for this Woolworths haul. Source: Supplied

“It had kind of become a personal challenge to see what was the most Ooshies I could get in a $30 shop. I like to challenge myself,” she said.

“Also living on a reasonably tight budget in these COVID times, I try to focus on items that are on special/clearance and are relatively non-perishable.”

How mum scored 30 Ooshies

Her impressive shop came after Woolworths released a list of products that would secure shoppers five bonus Ooshies per item, with it placing a limit on five items per product line, per shop.

Last week, another creative shopper used the list to bag herself a whopping 44 Ooshies.

Ms Rayner exclusively purchased items from the list of bonus products, buying five Devondale milks, five Paul’s yoghurt pouches, five Danone yoghurt pouches and five packs of Fancy Feast cat food.

She also took home five Woolworths macro baby food pouches, two packs of Sorbent tissues, 100 grams of D'Orsogna shortcut bacon and 100 grams of D'Orsogna streaky bacon.

The total shop came to $30.87, with her claiming 29 bonus Ooshies and one for spending over $30 - the minimum amount to start earning Ooshies.

She said her kids loved the excitement of trying to complete their sets with one just three away from a full collection, and the other having six to go.

Photo shows a receipt from a woman's Woolworths shop that earned 30 Ooshies.
The shopper received bonus Ooshies on all of the items she bought. Source: Supplied

“We completed a set for both kids on the last Ooshies promotion, but we're not lucky enough to get the rare and elusive furry Ooshies,” she said.

“We have luckily got three of the four special Ooshies this time.”

Recycling program a big hit with family

Ms Rayner said the supermarket’s new recycling system had been a big selling point for the latest collection.

“We are really happy that the packaging is recyclable, and this year the left over Ooshies can be recycled at Woolworths stores,” she said.

“It means the kids can enjoy collecting but still be conscious of our environmental impact.”

Unlike previous promotions, Woolworths has this year established two bins at every location – one to recycle Ooshies and the other to recycle the wrappers.

Still, there has been widespread backlash from people concerned about the environmental impacts of the launch, with some even signing a change.org petition calling on Woolworths to cancel the release.

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