Woolworths shopper puzzled by 'mystery brown stuff' in cashews

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A Woolworths customer has taken to Facebook to try an uncover a mysterious ingredient she said she found inside a bag of cashews.

The customer said she had purchased a 250g packet of Macro natural cashews from the Glenrose Woolworths in Sydney and they were still within their best before date of 30/4/22 when she thought they “tasted strange”.

"I tipped them out onto a tissue. At first I thought the brown stuff might have been the brown coating that gets removed from cashews, but there’s thick pieces of brown stuff too," the Woolworths customer said along with several photos showing the contents.

a customer finds 'brown mystery' stuff in her Woolworths purchased cashews
'Tasted strange': A Woolworths customer is confused by the brown and blue "mystery" found in a packet of cashew nuts. Source: Facebook

She went on to explain she estimated the packet to be made up of "about 80 per cent cashews, 19 per cent mystery brown stuff, and one per cent blue plastic".

"I chose to get the Macro branded cashews because I react to a lot of foods, and the allergen advice just said 'cashews'."

Woolworths investigating nature of substance

A Woolworths spokesperson responded to the Facebook post asking for the batch number so they could investigate and also offered the customer a refund or replacement but she responded that she wasn't after a refund.

"But I’d like to know what the contaminant is so I know whether to buy this product again in the future or not," she replied.

two customers found issues with their Woolworths Macro nuts
Both pakcs has the same bacth number and best before date. Source: Facebook

In another post the woman said she had also shared her find in a food intolerance Facebook group and had been told another Woolworths customer had found mould in a recently purchased packet of cashews that contained the same batch number.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment.

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