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Woolworths shopper exposes 'naughty' price 'error' in-store

A Woolworths shopper has called the store out for their "price drop" dockets, calling them a conspiracy.

However, Woolies quickly commented to clear things up, saying there is a perfectly good explanation for why they are used.

Sharing an image of the price drop tag on a Kellogg's Variety Pack, to the Woolworths Facebook page, the shopper said: “Naughty, naughty this item was always $6 what's with this conspiracy?”

“Dropped from $6.25? I think not you naughty rascals,” the shopper continued.

The red price drop docket was placed over the original price docket stating that the price had been dropped from $6.25 to $6.

A fellow customer pointed out that Woolworths has two different types of dockets across products in store.

“It's not on sale it's a new permanent price. The price under is $6 because that's its price. Red tag is there to highlight it,” the customer explained.

A Woolworths customer has criticised the stores approach to specials price tags. Source: Facebook
A Woolworths customer has criticised the stores approach to specials price tags. Source: Facebook

Woolworths clears up confusion

However, there’s one detail on the Price Drop ticketing that Woolworths quickly pointed out.

“Our red Everyday Savers or 'Price Dropped' tickets give you low prices that are staying low on all your favourite products,” a spokesperson said.

“For example, the date on the ticket indicates the price hasn't changed since then and is continuing to stay down.”

Woolworths shopping carts.
Other customers have slammed the shopper's complaints on Facebook. Source: AAP

Other shoppers also pointed out that the store regularly uses these ‘price drop’ dockets throughout the store.

“The price behind the red tag is not the original price, it's the current price. The red tag only stresses that in 2018 the price was higher and since then it dropped,” one shopper explained.

“The red tags stay on the shelves as long as possible because it's a reason of pride for the shop to have been able to stay low for such a long time, especially in a society where almost everything's price seems to go up and up.”

Seniors shopping at a Woolworths supermarket in Canberra, Australia.
Woolworths has explained the store has two different types of dockets after customers became confused. Source: Getty.

The Woolies customer who posted the original post to Facebook soon backtracked on their original comment, saying they intended the post as a light-hearted joke.

“That’s fine and I’m not questioning the integrity of Woolworths, I’m making a joke,” the shopper said.

Price drop tags cause common confusion for customers

This isn’t the first time a customer has called out Woolworths over the use of their red price drop tags.

Another shopper had a similar issue with the supermarket just a few months ago, sharing images of dockets on two of her regularly purchased items.

“Just 2 examples of over 30 I could have taken," they said sharing images of Moccona coffee and Raid bug spray.

"Bogus specials, I buy this coffee and it's always 16, I even asked a worker about the bogus specials and she said it's throughout the store."

At the time, a Woolworths spokesperson also confirmed the difference between their price drop tags and specials tags.

“For further clarity, our red coloured tickets indicate a price drop and our yellow coloured ticket represents specials for the products,” they said.

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