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Woolworths reveals ultra-rare Brick Farm collectable - do you have one?

This item is expected to start a frenzy among collectors.

Woolworths has confirmed it released a set of rare Brick Farm collectables when the LEGO-style range was launched last month, which is likely to fuel another frenzy as customers check to see if they have one of the coveted toys.

Aussies are now being told to be on the lookout for the Golden Farmer and Wheelbarrow, as only 100 exist. The figures are part of Woolies' collectables honouring Australian farmers, featuring people, equipment, plants, fruit, vegetables and farm animals.

"The ultra-rare Golden Farmer and Wheelbarrow bricks are now in circulation, and we encourage customers to check their collections in case they have already found one," Woolworths Senior Manager for Continuity and Collectables Paul Stibbard said.

Woolworths Brick Farm collectables
Woolworths has released an rare Brick Farm collectable - and there are only 100 of them in circulation. Source: Supplied

Supermarket collectable frenzies

The 2021 Woolworths Bricks collection sent shoppers wild amid the coronavirus pandemic, with many hunting for the rare Golden Trolley and Figurine. Limited to 500 items, the pieces were retailing for hundreds of dollars on online shopping sites incuding eBay at the time. Complete sets also attracted high prices.

Rival supermarket Coles is also known to create a similar stir with their own collectables. Both retailers, however, have turned to more environmentally friendly ranges in recent years following backlash about plastic waste, with Woolies' latest Bricks range made from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

However, Dr Paul Harvey, author of The Plasticology Project, recently argued that offering any kind of plastic collectable isn't an environmentally sound practice. "Globally we are struggling to reduce plastic pollution, so why does a supermarket that claims to be moving towards reducing plastic continue to use plastic promotional items - non-essential uses of plastic - that are contributing to the plastic waste problem? It makes no sense," he told Yahoo News.

Apart from toys, Woolworths and Coles have also introduced collectables for adults, with ranges that include glassware, dinnerware and cookware. Woolworths Bricks Farm collectables are available to collect in-store and online until Tuesday 21 March, or while stocks last.

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