Woolworths' new mudcake flavour sparks shopper frenzy

Woolworths has launched their new limited edition mudcake flavour and it's already a fan favourite.

The supermarket's new Caramelised White Choc Mudcake is flying off shelves, with shoppers comparing it to a Cadbury Caramilk-style cake.

Product shot of Woolworths Limited Edition Caramelised White Chocolate Mud Cake 600g in packaging
Meet Woolies' new, limited edition Caramelised White Chocolate Mud Cake. Photo: Woolworths (supplied).

Mudcake madness

A recent post about the new Woolies mudcake flavour on the Facebook group, Oh So Busy Mum, sparked a fan frenzy in the comments section.

"I don't know what the rest of my family is having for dessert, but me? A whole Caramilk mudcake," one person said.

"I think I might skip the exercises and go to Woolies," said another.

"I feel like we definitely should have cake for lunch one day this week," said a third.

Brisbane chef Nick Vavitis was equally as excited to discover the new mudcake variety and took to social media to share his review.


Brisbane chef Nick Vavitis eating a Woolworths Limited Edition Caramelised White Chocolate Mud Cake whole
Brisbane chef Nick Vavitis gave the new mudcake flavour a 16/10 score. Photo: Instagram/nickvavitiss.

"This is so beautiful," he wrote on Instagram. "And I don’t understand how but their caramelised white chocolate tasted better than any other one we have at the moment."

Nick went on to give the cake a 16/10 rating and declare it an 'Australian icon'.

Not everyone's a fan

Despite the fanfare over Woolies' new offering, others preferred the original mudcake flavours.

"Got the last one at my Woollies today, we tried it, was ok didn’t think it was really really good though or maybe my expectations were too high," one person commented.

"Nothing beats the classic Woolies mudcake, such a disgrace to try and ruin it?" added another.

But if you want to try it yourself one you had better get in sooner rather than later. The Caramelised White Chocolate Mudcake is a limited edition and will be available for a limited time.

Here's how to get one

Woolworths releases a new limited edition mudcake flavour each year. In 2020 they released the limited edition Cookies & Cream flavour, which was also a big hit.

This year's Caramelised White Chocolate Mud Cake is a caramel mudcake topped with chunks of caramelised white chocolate.

"Woolworths customers regularly tell us how much they love our mudcakes, so we're excited to roll out our latest creation from the bakery," Woolworths Bakery Merchandise Manager, Donald Keith said.

"Our newest Caramelised White Choc Mudcake combines the rich flavours of caramel with decadent chunks of caramelised white chocolate.

"This is a limited edition mudcake and while supplies last, so we encourage customers and mudcake fanatics to grab one while they're available."

The limited-edition cake is available in all Woolies stores including Metros for $5.80.

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