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Why people are furious about release of new Woolworths Ooshies collectables

Customers are venting their anger after struggling to get their hands on a new release of Lion King Ooshies in Woolworths ahead of Christmas.

The supermarket giant confirmed to Yahoo News Australia on Wednesday that customers would be able to purchase a new set of 24 Lion King Ooshies, known as ‘Series 2’, from this week following their highly-successful collectables campaign earlier this year.

“We know Ooshies will continue to be a popular item for Christmas stockings this year and Woolworths are excited to offer a range of Ooshies available exclusively in our stores in the lead up to Christmas,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

A customer's picture of the new Ooshies set and container available at Woolworths while stocks last.
The new Ooshies set available at Woolworths while stocks last. Source: Facebook/ Melissa Zanker

The Lion King Series 2 pack, which contains 24 new Ooshies figurines, is selling for $40 while larger Ooshie figurines are also available.

But dozens of disgruntled shoppers have taken to social media on Wednesday to reveal their disappointment, saying there was no stock left at multiple Woolworths stores across the nation.

“Went to all three of my locals and all large Ooshies have sold out already and its 9.53am,” one person said on Facebook.

Others suggested store managers hadn’t been briefed on their release and were unaware of the new stock being delivered.

“Been to four stores in western Sydney, none of them knew anything about them,” one customer declared.

“My store knew nothing about it,” another added.

While all stores across the country have been given stock, many customers say the new Ooshies aren't on the shelves. Source: Getty
While all stores across the country have been given stock, many customers say the new Ooshies aren't on the shelves. Source: Getty

The Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia every store in Australia had received the new release this week but that limited stock would only be available while it lasts.

While how many packs have been distributed across Woolworths stores is unclear, some claimed online store managers had told them each store had been given “one box” of stock and wouldn’t be immediately visible at the store’s front.

“They knew how popular they were, why limit them?” one person asked.

The Woolworths spokesperson reiterated the Ooshies are not part of a collectables campaign and cannot be acquired through store and online spending.

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