'The best one': Rare Woolworths collectable receives bid of over $10,000 online

As the most recent supermarket craze reaches fever pitch, another rare collectable has been found for shoppers to lose their minds over.

On Wednesday it emerged one lucky shopper had landed on the rare golden trolley from Coles’ Little Shop 2 promotion before listing it for an eye-watering $5000 on eBay.

Now a day later, a limited edition furry Simba Lion King Ooshie, one of only 100, has appeared online.

Pictured is the super rare Simba Ooshie close up in two profile images.
The super rare Simba Ooshie people are desperate to get their hands on. Source: eBay

And in similar fashion, the Adelaide recipient headed straight for the online auction site and listed the elusive Ooshie for twice the price of the trolley.

While the golden trolley is yet to receive any bids, a mystery shopper currently stands to part with $10,099 for the Ooshie.

When news broke of the discovery, dozens of people flocked to Facebook in awe of the furry Ooshie.

Pictured is the Ebay listing.
One bidder looks set to part with over $10,000. Source: eBay

“It’s so cute!” one person declared.

“OMG, that’s the best one would love to get one,” another said.

One person even compared the rare Ooshie to a Willy Wonka golden ticket.

Yet while many dreamt of getting their hands on one, others were quick to ridicule those willing to splash the cash.

“People have more money than sense!” one person declared on Facebook.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia while the promotion has had a “fantastic start”, they don’t condone the sale of Ooshies.

“The Lion King Ooshies are a Disney Collector’s item and we do not encourage resale of these items,” they said.

The spokesperson said the limited edition Furry Simbas were numbered one to 100 which customers are “urged to keep a look out for”.

Shoppers heading to Woolworths to hunt down the elusive Ooshie will be pleased to know they can get 17 of them for as little as $30.

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