'Rare' Woolworths Lion King collectables already for sale online at crazy prices

Woolworths new Lion King themed collectables are already being sold for ridiculous prices online just hours after they became available in stores.

Customers are able to claim a Lion King Ooshies - toys which can be attached to the top of a pencil - with every $30 spent online or in a Woolworths store and the collector’s case can be purchased for $4.

The range was announced just hours after Coles confirmed a new Little Shop minis campaign - both collections are available from Wednesday.

Woolworths launched a Lion King collectable range and the figurines are appearing online for ridiculous amounts. Source: Woolworths/Supplied

The Woolworths promotion finishes on August 13.

Just hours after the launch, the limited edition the toys are being sold online for insane amounts, with some sellers claiming they had gotten their hands on “rare” items.

While one person is selling eight unopened Lion King collectables for a reasonable $55, or the best offer, some are selling the toys for up to $20,000.

The collection boasts 24 Ooshies to collect, with Simba, Nala and Mufasa all in original colours and gold versions. Simba and Nala also have cub and adult versions.

Hours after the launch, limited edition collectables surfaced online, one selling for $20,000. Source: Ebay.

There are two versions of Mufasa to collect.

One version - the spirit Mufasa -v has been listed for staggering $20,000, while the same figurine has got bids starting at $2,500 on Ebay. A Gold Mufasa is listed for $999.

Many of sellers are claiming some Lion King Ooshies are ‘rare’, however this is not necessarily the case.

Are there really any rare Woolworths Lion King Ooshies?

A Woolworths spokesperson said that many of the toys being touted as rare online are just as common as all of the rest.

“We appreciate that there is a perceived rareness of Spirit Mufasa and Sunset Mufasa as they are a different colour scheme to the rest of the collectables,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

“Woolworths would like to reassure customers that we have as many of these in circulation as the rest of the collection so these are not a rarity.

Some sellers are trying to pass off their Ooshies as 'rare', but there is actually only one Ooshie customers should look out for. Source: Ebay

“There is a rare Simba Furry Ooshie to collect and there are only 100 of them out there to add to your collection. They are not attached to any prize or reward, they are just for fun. Happy searching!”

Woolworths is also offering merchandise in store, aside from the Collector’s case, including a large Ooshie for $10 and Squeezables for $12.

A statement from Woolworths said that the launch has “been off to a fantastic start today with a lot of buzz and enthusiasm amongst our customers and teams in-store”.

Of course, just because people are asking for these prices online doesn’t mean they will actually be able to get them.

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