Woolworths customers called out for ‘feral’ acts: ‘Sick of it!’

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Members of a Facebook group popular with Woolworths staff have taken a swipe at some of the supermarket chain's customers after in-store littering ignited safety concerns.

Incidents of littering were photographed at Woolworths stores and posted to a Facebook group called ‘A group where we all work at the same Woolworths’ which has 21,000 members and is not affiliated with the grocery giant.

The original post included a photo of a half-eaten kebab, which a group member said had been hidden behind products on a shelf at Coffs Harbour's Park Beach Plaza Woolworths store. Accompanying the picture was a scathing note directed at the customer responsible.

Half eaten kebab and wrappings in a box. Source: Facebook
Woolworths is focussed on five pillars of cleaning in response to Covid-19: PPE, Health, Hygiene, Cleaning and Social Distancing. Source: Facebook

“Would the pig who hid this behind the biscuits tonight please shop somewhere else?” the member wrote.

“I am sick of putting my health at risk as a nightfill team member during these precarious times picking out saliva ridden sushi packs, banana skins and left over half eaten food from ferals.

“Let’s not forget the leftover coffee and juice cups and empty soft drink cans consumed in the store without paying.

“May I suggest a temporary ban on eating, drinking and free food during these Covid times where staff welfare should be a priority?”

Opened Shapes packet with empty dip pack stuffed inside. Source: Facebook
A comment said this box was hidden amongst unopened packs of the same product. Source: Facebook

The post has attracted dozens of comments from concerned members, including another Woolworths staffer who added a photo of an empty packet of Shapes and dip that she said was left behind by a customer.

Group reacts to ‘entitled’ littering photographs

Yahoo News understands that all Woolworths stores are equipped with waste bins, which can be located at the store’s entrance and exits.

But, the Facebook group members are unsatisfied with customers who don’t wish to use them.

“The amount of stuff people are leaving around has just gotten worse in the past year. Every night I find half eaten food, half empty coffee and so many empty packs from theft,” one group member commented.

“I find apple cores, half eaten donuts etc - responsible customers can’t be impressed with their experience,” wrote another.

A worker pushes shopping trolleys at a Woolworths store in Sydney. Source: Getty Images
Yahoo News understands that cleaning kits which include gloves are provided to Woolworths team members for spot cleaning, while professional cleaners attend the store daily. Sourcce: Getty Images

“Customers think they are so entitled, grab a pack of cooked food from the deli and we find the leftover bones hidden on the shelves,” added a third.

“Especially when the radio blurts out we are doing extra cleaning in Covid times and it doesn’t look like it,” said a fourth.

Woolworths responds to group’s photographs: ‘Disappointed’

A Woolworths spokesperson has told Yahoo News that high cleaning standards continue to remain a priority for the retailer.

“As a fresh food retailer, we have high standards for cleanliness and hygiene across our stores and are disappointed by these reports of littering,” the spokesperson said.

“Our stores are cleaned by professional cleaners daily and our team members conduct spot checks across the store several times a day.

“The vast majority of customers do the right thing and are respectful of our stores.

“As our team members work hard to serve our customers and replenish stock, we ask that customers be mindful of their impact and take any rubbish with them.”

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