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'This is awful': Woolworths customer shocked by 'disgusting' rice

A Woolworths customer has shared several photos of the disgusting mess she found inside her rice packet.

A Woolworths customer has shared her disgust after opening a packet of the store's rice to find a putrid, mouldy mess inside.

The Sydney woman took to Facebook to show pictures of the horrific find when opening a pack of Woolworths branded Steamed Basmati Rice.

“This is pretty disgusting Woolworths,” she wrote online, tagging the supermarket giant in her post.

Across six images, the rice can be seen to be covered in a deep black mould despite the expiry date reading 20.10.2023.

“That is awful,” another customer reacted on the company's social media page.

The pack of Woolworths steamed basmati rice.
The Woolworths customer said the rice was 'pretty disgusting' when sharing a photo on Facebook. Source: Facebook

Woolworths 'disappointed’ by rice find

Responding to the woman’s post, Woolworths thanked her for contacting them and sending on the photos.

“We’re disappointed to see your rice like this,” the message read. “At Woolworths we care deeply about our customers, so this will be escalated to our products team so they are aware and can investigate the issue.”

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, the company said it was investigating the case and urged anyone who happens to have a similar experience to raise the issue and seek a full refund.

"We take food safety and quality seriously and are aware of the customer’s report. We are investigating the matter further to identify the potential cause of the mouldy rice product," a spokesperson said.

"If ever our customers have any concerns about the quality of the product they receive, we encourage them to return it to their local store or contact our Customer Hub for a refund or replacement."

The pack of Woolworths steamed basmati rice.
Woolworths responded to the woman on Facebook saying it was 'disappointed to see your rice like this'. Source: Facebook

Customers horrified at more mouldy products

It’s not the first time Woolies has been called out on stomach churning items.

In January last year a shopper shared a video of some nectarines in her local store riddled with mould and bugs. Months later a Sydney customer said they yelled out in horror after cutting into a “dark brown, soft and mouldy” pear before immediately throwing it out.

“Woolworths, you’ve done it again,” one woman wrote online about a separate incident recently. “I’ve been sent a jar of mould masquerading as passata. How your pickers missed this is beyond me.”

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