Woolworths customer complains about surprise 'ingredient' in hot cross buns

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A shopper received an unexpected surprise after picking up a packet of hot cross buns from Woolworths.

Squished inside the plastic bag of six buns was the body of a dead fly, which appeared to be enjoying a bite of the white icing when it took its final breath.

Krystal Pope, from Penrith, west of Sydney, took to Facebook on Monday to share her discovery after buying the bag from Woolworths in Richmond, northwest of Sydney.

She opted to see the humour in her predicament, pointing out to the supermarket giant that it had neglected to include the insect on the item’s label.

Krystal Pope shared a photo of the dead fly inside the packet of hot cross buns. Source: Facebook

“You forgot to list flies in the ingredient list,” she wrote in a post to the Woolworths page.

“We only purchased it yesterday, not even an hour later I went to open it before my hubby noticed the fly,” Mrs Pope told Yahoo News Australia.

She said the packet was promptly returned to the store and she was offered an apology and refund.

“We went and got more hot cross buns from Bakers Delight which looked so much better anyway.”

The shopper joked that the fly should've been included in the ingredients list. Source: Facebook

A Woolworths employee responded in a comment to her post, saying they were disappointed to see what the woman had found packed with her buns.

“We're always looking to provide the highest quality products, and we're sorry it hasn't been the case this time around, we'd never wish to ruin a snack for anyone,” they wrote.

They also requested that the customer inform them which store the buns were purchased from and the unique batch code.

“That'd be greatly appreciated so we can share this with our products team,” the comment read.

Josh and Krystal Pope found the fly inside the pack of hot cross buns on Monday. Source: Supplied

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