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Woolworths cauliflower 'laughable' due to single word on packaging

An shopper has unleashed on the supermarket giant over what he says is 'thievery'.

Woolworths has been accused of selling quarter-sized vegetables for the price of halves, with one furious shopper branding a piece of cauliflower he was sold as "laughable".

We've been hearing about it for years, but it seems Aussies across the country are still facing "shrinkflation" at Coles and Woolworths — and they're taking to social media to prove the phenomenon isn't just in their imagination.

One Woolworths customer from Brisbane took to social media this week to upload images of a cauliflower piece that he claims was sold to him as a "half". In the images, the man compares the vegetable next to a box of matches in an attempt to prove its size.

Queensland man takes aim at supermarket giant

The half piece of cauliflower.
A man has claimed he was sold a quarter cauliflower for the price of a half. Source: Facebook.

"Apparently this is what now qualifies as half a cauliflower at Woolworths," the frustrated shopper said. "The thievery just gets more laughable. Young produce bloke couldn't understand why I reckoned it was a quarter — they're all like that.

"I tried to debate them, but to no avail, they couldn't understand what I was on about. That's how they now come after they 'trim and prepare them'".

The piece of cauliflower.
The Queenslander described the piece as "laughable". Source: Facebook.

While some people hypothesised that perhaps, the wrong sticker was placed onto the vegetable in this example, others online said they'd noticed similar product sizes in stores too.

Woolworths employee responds

An employee of Woolworths also weighed in on the debate, and tried to divert blame from floor staff, who they say "have no control of the sizes".

A half piece of cauliflower online.
A half piece of cauliflower sells for $1.45. Source: Woolworths.

"Each store is delivered the cauliflowers so staff have absolutely no say in what is delivered," the woman argued. "No matter the size or shape they are still required to provide customers with whole, half and quarter.

"It amazes me how much control people think staff have control over what’s provided! It wouldn’t matter if they came in square shapes, we are still required to cut them."

Australia's biggest retailers — including both Woolworths and Coles — have attracted criticism this year over their soaring product prices, while each business records billion-dollar profits, with shoppers from all over the country airing their grievances online.

In response to Yahoo's enquiry, a Woolworths spokesperson said the company encourages shoppers to return unsuitable products to their local store or contact the Customer Hub for a refund or replacement.

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