Woolworths to bring Disney magic to the supermarket war

(Image sources: Facebook/Brooke Elliott, AAP, Coles)

Australia’s biggest supermarket retailers are in a neck-and-neck race to capture the attention of our smallest customers.

Just weeks after Coles released its latest collectibles campaign, Coles Stikeez, aimed at encouraging children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, Woolworths has dropped major hints about its latest campaign – and it looks to be Disney-themed.

Cardboard cut-outs in the shape of Disney’s Mickey Mouse have appeared at Woolworths branches across the nation, hinting at something that will be revealed next Wednesday.

One Facebook user speculated: “Rumour has it as Disney-themed Scrabble tiles”.

Coles’ Stickeez collectables were launched on Wednesday 13 February, with customers able to collect one of 24 mini fruit or vegetable toys for every $30 spent in stores.

But by 2pm that day, complete sets were being sold on eBay for eye-watering prices of up to $500.

Individual Stickeez were being sold on the online marketplace for prices ranging from $9 to $15.

The latest developments in the supermarket war comes after Woolworths decided to add ten cents to its $1-a-litre milk in a bid to support desperate Australian dairy farmers.

Dairy farmers then urged Coles and Aldi to mimic Woolworths’ milk price drop, but have so far refused to budge, drawing the ire of federal agricultural minister David Littleproud and boycott threats.

However, Littleproud was exposed for holding shares in Woolworths.

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