Shoppers slam Woolworths over 'disgusting' act

Woolworths is being criticised for reportedly charging less for a product wrapped in plastic.

David Camm posted on Facebook a photo from Woolies in Tamworth in northeast NSW on Saturday last week.

It shows a number of sweet potatoes with a $4 per kg price tag. Next to it is a number of packaged sweet potatoes wrapped in plastic.

It has a $2.50 price tag in front of it.

Mr Camm claims the $2.50 price is also per kilogram.

Sweet potatoes seen at a Woolworths in Tamworth. Potatoes packed in plastic have a price tag of $2.50. Unpacked ones have a $4 price tag. It's caused anger over claims plastic-wrapped potatoes are cheaper.
Sweet potatoes at Woolworths in Tamworth. The plastic wrapped ones have a $2.50 price tag. Source: Facebook/ David Camm

“Woolworths, why is it so much cheaper per kg to take the plastic?” Mr Camm wrote.

One woman called Woolworths “hypocritical”.

“If they actually cared about decreasing plastic usage they wouldn’t do this. Could just as easily put small stickers with barcodes on ones that are cheaper,” she wrote.

Another called it “disgusting”.

However, one man pointed out the $2.50 has a “special” tag on it meaning it’s been discounted.

One man suggested the packaged sweet potatoes are “leftover ones” Woolies “are trying to get rid of so they make it easy for you to pick them up and go”.

Woolworths has been contacted for comment.

On Woolworths website, loose gold sweet potatoes are priced at $4.50 per kg, and at $4 per kg pre-packaged.

The supermarket chain was also criticised earlier this week over a picture of milk bottles at a Woolworths in Melbourne.

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