Woolworths shopper 'gobsmacked' by worker's Bricks act

A Woolworths customer is "gobsmacked" over the distribution of Bricks in his local store, claiming staff are "to blame" for the shortage of promotional items in stores.

The supermarket launched its Woolworths Bricks range, a Lego-like pack of a Woolworths supermarket made from sustainable materials, at the start of September, with enthusiastic shoppers quickly snapping up the toy.

"Witnessed with my own eyes at a Bunbury WA store a customer was given more than her fair share," the man told Yahoo News.

A photo of Woolworths Bricks made into a replica store. Source: Woolworths Group
The Bricks promotion has been popular with Woolworths customers. Source: Woolworths Group

According to the website, customers able to score a free pack of the Lego-style bricks with every $30 spent in store or online.

Customers receiving more than their 'fair share'

The man claims employees are not distributing the collectible items fairly.

"I was at the assisted checkout closest to the supervisor, a customer came to collect hers and received quite a few handfuls, which were shoved across the tops of the chiller bags whilst the Customer was zipping them up," he said.

"I was gobsmacked!"

"This should not be tolerated by Woolworths and regardless of any customers' intentions, whether for their children or grandchildren, for multiple collectables or for profiteering.

"Should be a fair go for all customers."

Woolworths Bricks packets in a promotional display. Source: Woolworths Group
Some Woolworths customers claim the Bricks distribution isn't fair. Source: Woolworths Group

Woolworths Bricks shortage Australia wide

The complaint comes as hundreds of customers report a shortage of the popular collectable items, which have sold out in less than a week in many stores.

There are 40 different Bricks available made up of solar panels, free fruit for kids baskets, checkout registers, car charging stations, trolleys as well as separately purchased baseboards and front doors for an extra $6-$10.

Once assembled, it makes a mini Woolworths store.

However, Bricks, which originally launched for customers in Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania on September 8, have sold out within days of their release.

The supermarket rolled out the Woolworths Bricks promotion to NSW and ACT stores on Wednesday, due to lockdown restrictions, but in less than a week have sold out.

Some customers have taken to Facebook Marketplace to sell their Woolworths Bricks for profit, angering other customers.

“Tried buying last week and your page kept redirecting me. Now there's no stock in store (got there 20 mins after opening yesterday) or online,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

In the photos posted to Facebook Marketplace, one customer is selling a Woolworths Bricks large truck for $70, while another advertises a pair of trucks for $120 and a third person is slinging a large truck and starter pack for $100.

On the Woolworths website, the delivery truck is advertised for $10, $15 for the large truck, with the starter pack starting at $6.

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