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What’s the ‘who’s that wonderful girl’ TikTok sound? Where is it from?

Another song from a children’s show has evolved into a trending sound on TikTok. This time, people are pumping each other up to lyrics from a grandma-fashioned puppet who asks, “Who’s that wonderful girl? Could she be any cuter?”

Like the “A Ram Sam Sam” viral song and dance trend on TikTok, the “Who’s that wonderful girl?” song was originally written for children. It comes from the Canadian children’s show Nanalan’, centered on a granddaughter, Nana, and her granddaughter, Mona.

The entire Nanalan’ series has over 100 episodes and features the adventures of Mona, a “little green girl” who “learns all about the world” from her Nana’s backyard. Nanalan’ has read-along ebooks, playlists and even a TikTok channel.

The song comes from episode #109, titled “Playday,” where Mona uses her imagination to dress up as a princess. Upon seeing Mona, Nana is inspired to sing a song about “how beautiful she looks in her pretty pink costume” as Mona attempts to dance with her “suitor,” a dressed-up dog named Russell.

The full words to the beginning of the song are:

Who’s that wonderful girl?

Could she be any cuter?

Who’s that wonderful girl?

Oh look, here comes a suitor 

He’s so handsome

She’s gorgeous, she’s graceful, she’s almost three

She’s lucky, she’s lovely, she’s the princess for me.

According to its YouTube page, Nanalan’ is a “super-sweet” show for preschoolers that features “theme-based learning through play, stories, songs and puppet shows.” The show has won two Gemini Awards — the Canadian version of the Emmy Awards — and is credited to Canadian puppeteer, designer, writer and creative producer Jason Hopley.

On its YouTube About page, Nanalan’ is also described as a “beloved show around the world” thanks to its “unique style and emotional honesty.” Beyond just preschoolers, Nana and Mona also found newfound fame through TikTok, where their characters and songs express encouragement for other people in ironically small challenges or humorous and relatable situations.

“I need a hypewoman like nana,” noted @emilyisabxtch.

“All day just rolling around her keyboard behind you,” replied @nanalanofficial.

“I love this sound so much,” admitted @anndrea023.

Nana and Mona are so popular that the duo even reached official Halloween costume status in a TikTok now viewed 3.4 million times.

“Nothing prepared me for how iconic this was,” observed @isalangn.

“This is both incredible and horrifying at the same time, nicely done,” added @elawodihorsefarm.

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