Women’s ‘Ninja Warrior’ Champ makes shocking exit from the finals

Meagan Martin, the defending champion of the first-ever Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship from back in May, was looking to advance past stage one of the American Ninja Warrior finals for the first time in her sixth try on Monday.

The model, rock climber and Olympic commentator beat out 12 other women to earn the crown of Women’s Champion earlier this year. And she was the first woman to hit a buzzer during qualifying this season, and would have been the third woman to hit the buzzer in stage one of these finals. But apparently she needed to be less of a climber, and more of a surfer.

With her mom and dad watching from Florida via video feed, and a group of Ninja Warrior veterans cheering her on from the sidelines, Martin could barely get three steps into the opening obstacle, the Slide Surfer, before she ended up falling forward too fast and into the water.

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