Aussie women furious over anti-rape device

Rebekah Scanlan
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Aussie women are up in arms over a controversial anti-rape device that is being promoted on Facebook.

Streams of furious comments have poured in about the ‘rape axe‘ — a condom style gadget that sits inside a woman’s vagina and attaches itself to a penis using sharp barbs during non-consensual intercourse.

As the name suggests, the gadget is intended to cause an attacker serious pain.

An anti-rape device that attacks the attacker by attaching itself with sharp barbs has been slammed by women online for being ‘sick’. Source: Facebook/RapeAxe

It’s also designed to help catch the assailant as the device cannot be removed easily, forcing them to seek medical help.

Slammed for being violent

But while the product is marketed as a “last defence” the aggressive nature of the device has led many to label it “sick” and “scary”.

We have to ask ourselves what kind of sick society we live in if we need to hand these out,” one user wrote. 

“What a scary society we live in that this is what woman have to resort to,” someone else agreed. 

The condom style device is worn safely inside the woman, acting as a “last defence” according to its makers. Source: Facebook/RapeAxe

Victims in more danger

Others pointed out that it does nothing to prevent the attack happening, leaving them questioning  whether it would put the victim in more danger.

“What if the attacker kills the victim as a result?!” one person wrote.

“I don’t see this device ending very well for the woman wearing it,” another said.

Another potential flaw in the unusual invention was the woman’s inability to be able to know when to wear the secret device.

Aussie women pointed out it would be hard to know when to wear the device and that it could put her in more danger. Source: Facebook/RapeAxe

“Rape is not planned will a woman know when and where,” a concerned poster wrote.

“I just don’t understand how a woman is meant to know when to put it in?” someone else agreed.

Over 15,000 comments have been left on the original video since it was shared in September, including many in support of the idea.

But judging from Australia’s reaction, it doesn’t look like it will take off here.

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