Woman's warning after Woolworths tin EXPLODES: 'Like a crime scene'

The woman's kitchen was a mess after a Woolworths tin can exploded in her pantry.

A NSW woman says “thankfully no one was hurt” when a can of beans exploded in her pantry.

The Sutherland resident described the inside of her cupboard as a “crime scene” after the tin of Woolworths Four Bean Mix erupted on Wednesday night.

She took to Facebook minutes later to issue a “public warning".

The mess inside the cupboard.
The young woman took to Facebook to share the mess after her can of beans 'exploded.' Source: Faceboook

“Hey guys, just a heads up,” the young woman wrote. “You may want to check your food cupboard and pantries tonight.

“Mine looks like a crime scene from an exploding Four Bean Mix tin I bought in Woolworths on Sunday night. The explosion happened around 6.32pm. Thankfully no one was hurt.”

She went on to detail the aftermath of the incident, saying it was quite the clean-up.

“All food was salvaged after a good rinse,” she explained. “However [the] apartment smells putrid (clearly the beans were off as well).”

“You’re welcome if I’ve saved anyone from cleaning up a mess.”

The mess on the cupboard door.
The Sutherland resident urged others to check their food cupboards and pantries. Source: Facebook

‘Could have been a lot worse’

Fellow Facebookers shared their horror at the expolsion.

“Oh my God I’d cry, where do you start?” one person asked, to which the woman replied “from the bottom up,” adding that “it was the smell that was the worst.”

“That’s unbelievable,” said another. “Yikes, lucky it was in a cupboard and not on the bench waiting to be used, could have been a lot worse,” someone else wrote.

Another suggested the cause of the explosion was the interaction of the acid in the food with the metal of the can. “Pressure is exerted on the can, causing bulging at both ends,” he said. “If the sealed can is left on the shelf indefinitely, eventually it may explode.”

While someone else said that it can happen from a build-up of bacteria and fermentation if there is a dent in the can.

The exploded can Woolworths Four Bean Mix can (left) and the beans in the cupboard (right).
Woolworths apologised for the 'mess' and said it had passed on the report to its supply partner to look into it further. Source: Facebook

Incident reported to Woolies

The Sutherland woman went on to confirm she had contacted Woolworths to report the incident.

The supermarket giant told Yahoo News Australia’s in a statement on Friday it was “sorry this had caused such a mess".

“This doesn’t meet our usual standards of quality and we’re disappointed to see this customer's experience,” a spokesperson for Woolworths said.

“This appears to be an isolated customer report and we’ve passed it on to our supply partner to look into it further.”

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