Woman's 'vomit worthy' find in chocolate chip biscuit

A woman from Melbourne is looking for answers after making an unexpected discovery inside a chocolate chip cookie bought from Coles.

The Facebook user posted a picture of a half-eaten cookie with a fingernail apparently found inside, then wrote to the Coles Facebook page:  “Hi Coles Sunshine Plaza, you may be able to enlighten me as to how a fingernail found its way into my Coles Ultimate chocolate chip cookie?

“Experience ruined. Vomit worthy.”

A customer of Coles Sunshine Plaza claims she found a fingernail in her choc chip cookie. Source: Facebook/Shanghai Suzy

“I called the store and [they were] very apologetic and horrified,” the customer told Yahoo 7.

“I took the packet back with the cookie and fingernail and they gave me my money back and a $20 gift card.”

The customer has asked Coles for an explanation. Source: Facebook/Shanghai Suzy

A Coles spokesperson said they were looking into the incident.

“Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously and has contacted the customer to follow up their complaint,” Coles told Yahoo7 in a statement.

“We guarantee our Coles Brand products and as always encourage customers to return any item they’re not 100% happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement.”

It’s not the first time customers have found unexpected items in their supermarket-bought products.

Recently an Aldi customer from regional NSW was disgusted to find live maggots inside her chocolate cake, while in February a Melbourne man was shocked to find a dead mouse inside a packet of supermarket-bought grapes.