Woman's unbelievable reaction after waking to find four-metre snake in her bed

Waking up to find a giant snake in your bed would be enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. But one Queensland woman was brave enough to catch the snake herself – before going straight back to sleep.

Katjana Shoyer, a 25-year-old chef from Port Douglas in far north Queensland, was asleep when she felt something ‘super cold’ press against her back.

“I was sleeping on my side, and had rolled over onto my back, when I felt something cold underneath me,” Ms Shoyer said.

“I went to see what it was and saw this snake stretched out next to me.”

She awoke to discover the four-metre-long carpet python slithering next to her in the sheets, just inches from where she slept.

“I couldn’t believe it. I jumped to the other side of the room in complete shock,” Ms Shoyer said.

Katjana Shoyer found this four-metre-long carpet python in her bed. Source: Caters

“The way it was stretched out I think it could have been sizing me up for a meal. But I’m nearly 6ft tall so it wouldn’t have been a light snack.”

While non-venomous, pythons kill their prey by wrapping themselves around it and crushing it to death.

Ms Shoyer asked her mum for help capturing the serpent.

“I just grabbed an empty bin and got a fishing spear, and it just started twirling around it,” she said.

“I managed to get it into the bin and put it outside with the lid on. It was so heavy, probably more than 20 kilograms.

“After that I just went back to bed. It didn’t worry me too much.”

Katjana Shoyer, 25, (pictured) caught the python with her mum’s help. Source: Caters

The next morning, Ms Shoyer release the snake in nearby bush land.

She said her footage of the terrifying ordeal, which occurred in October, has ‘freaked out’ her friends and family online.

“We get a lot of different snakes up here, and they can get really big,” she said.

“I think it may have got in by the back door or maybe the window. But I’m not really sure how long it had been in my room before I discovered it.

“But so far it hasn’t returned, so hopefully I won’t be seeing it in my bed again.”

– Caters