Woman's terrifying discovery after waking up in bed with bite marks

Like a scene out of a horror movie, a Queensland woman was woken in the middle of the night to find she had been bitten by a snake twice – and it was still attached to her hand.

It could’ve been a nightmare, but Janice Terrill was definitely awake.

The 62-year-old woke up at her home at Grasstree Beach, about 40 kilometres south of Mackay, with a strange sensation in one arm.

“I was asleep in bed, it was about 11.20pm and I rolled over and I felt this prickle on my left upper arm,” Ms Terrill told Yahoo7.

“I thought, ‘that’s a bit strange’.”

She reached over to turn on a bedside lamp and a spotted python latched onto her right thumb.

Janice Terrill was bitten on her hand by a spotted python. Source: Janice Terrill

“I immediately screamed, extremely loudly,” she said.

“My husband woke up, he thought I was having a nightmare.

“He looked under the bed with the torch and said, ‘there’s a snake under there’.”

They called triple-0 and Ms Terrill was taken to Mackay Base Hospital, where she was observed for 12 hours.

A snake catcher found the reptile around midnight.

The spotted python was captured around midnight. Source: Janice Terrill

“It was a spotted python, they’re not poisonous,” Ms Terrill said.

Experts have warned that recent high temperatures in Queensland are causing erratic snake behaviour.

It comes after man from Mackay, far north Queensland, was bitten in the face while in bed.

Ms Terrill was treated at Mackay base hospital after the snake attack. Source: Janice Terrill