Woman's shocking 50kg discovery in ceiling of home

A woman who noticed a gradual increase of bees inside her home over a 10-month period was left gobsmacked when she realised the cause was a massive slab of honeycomb.

Laurel Loosham called in Brisbane Backyard Bees for help with the insect problem in her Bracken Ridge home, who uncovered 50kg of honey and about 60,000 bees.

A video shared to the bee-catching service’s Facebook page showed beekeeper Paul Wood removing rows of orange hives from a nook in Ms Loosham’s timber ceiling, Nine News reported.

Using a knife and wearing protective clothing – besides gloves – Mr Wood removed the honeycomb from the ceiling and gently sucked the bees up with a low powered vacuum.

A beekeeper uncovered a 50kg haul of honey in a Brisbane woman's ceiling. Source: Facebook/Harvesting honey from a ceiling

The footage showed his careful process as he removed the honeycomb piece-by-piece and placed it in a white bucket as bees buzzed around his body.

Speaking with Nine News, Ms Loosham said she knew the number of bees in her home had grown, but was completely oblivious to their huge hive.

Mr Wood described the ceiling as “a perfect spot for bees”, saying it was “a nice cozy cavity with a little small entrance they can easily defend”.

But the find was far from the biggest he had encountered, having once helped remove 100kg of honey from a St Lucia home near Brisbane’s CBD.

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