Woman's shock discovery of her partner's double life

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Imagine finding out your entire relationship had been a lie and your partner had been living a double life in another city the whole time.

Well, that turned out to be a reality for mum-of-two Belinda after she came across a hidden Father’s Day card that revealed her partner’s shocking secret.

A woman’s life has been unravelled after she discovered a hidden Father’s Day card from her partner’s other child. Source: Getty

After meeting on a dating app, Eddie and Belinda fell in love almost instantly and decided to get married within a year.

Belinda admitted she never had any reason not to trust Eddie and accepted his FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) job that meant he was away working for eight days and then home with her for six. 

It was almost like having a holiday romance with my own husband. We were always happy to see each other, and we didn’t sweat the small stuff. We hardly ever argued because we were just so happy to be together,” Belinda revealed to whimn.com.au. 

However, when Belinda gave birth to their twin daughters, life became a little tougher not having him around all the time considering how ‘wonderful’ he was with the girls and even spoiling her as well.

After recognising Belinda’s struggle – after she broke down in tears one morning before he was due to leave for work again – Eddie then suggested he should resign and find something local so he could support her more, however, Belinda brushed away the offer as his job seemed to offer money too good to refuse.

During his time at home, Eddie was said to be a ‘wonderful’ dad to his two twin daughters. Source: Getty

Life went on like this for two more years with Belinda getting more and more used to the routine and even considering trying for another baby with Eddie – at least that was until she uncovered his heart-breaking secret.

While looking for something to read one night she checked her husband’s bedside table and that’s when she found it: “Tucked into the pages of a novel in the drawer: a Father’s Day card, written in blue texta in a child’s scrawl: ‘To Daddy, happy Father’s Day, love from Nate.'”

Her first thought was that it must have belonged to someone else, perhaps a work mate owned the book and left the card by mistake, however deep down she knew something was off about it.

After failing to find anything that gave the answers, the night that Eddie returned home she confronted him with the all-important question “Who’s Nate?”

“Eddie’s face crumbled as he confessed to the whole sorry mess, and it was even worse than I thought,” Belinda said. 

“The most horrible idea I’d been able to come up with was that he had an affair and was hiding a love child from me, but it was much worse than that. It turned out I was the affair.”

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It turns out that on the days Eddie left for ‘work’ he was actually living with his partner of over 10 years, Natasha and their son Nate who also believed Eddie was busy travelling for work during the days he was with Belinda and his daughters – who had no idea how he managed a job as well.

“I thought he would confess to some terrible deed and we’d work things out, but Eddie sat there at the kitchen table we’d bought together and told me he’d gotten himself in so deep and he hadn’t known how to get out of it.”

“He told me he needed to make a go of things with Natasha and that he’d ensure the girls and I were looked after, but that he had to go.”

After his double life was discovered, Eddie decided he needed to work things out with his first wife Natasha. Source: Getty

Naturally, Belinda was ‘devastated’ and completly shocked at how quickly she had become a single mum however within time and the support of her daughters she learnt to make the best of the situation and even get her sweet revenge.

After finding Natasha on Facebook Belinda sent a photo of herself and her daughters and revealed to her the entire truth of Eddie’s double life.

As far as she knows now, Natasha has left him and Eddie is no longer seeing anyone. His relationship with Belinda remains ‘civil and businesslike’ as he continues to pay regular child support and visit the girls on occasion.

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