Woman's shock after hearing 'hissing and scratching' at back door

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A woman has found an unwelcome visitor at her backdoor after hearing "scratching and hissing".

The woman, a resident of Osceola County in Florida, called police complaining of "suspicious activity" in her backyard.

Sheriff Marcos Lopez said "there was noise at the backdoor".

“Hissing, scratching like someone was trying to gain entry into her house,” he said.

It turns out behind the woman's house was an alligator at the door.

An alligator is hauled in by police outside of an Osceola County home in Florida.
This cheeky alligator was found scratching and clawing at the back door of a woman's home in Florida. Source: Osceola County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Lopez said the alligator "fought" and "tried to run", but police managed to wrangle him in.

Video shows the animal flailing wildly as police try to wrangle it in.

“He was apprehended, taken into custody and safely released into another side of the lake,” Sheriff Lopez said.

He also reminded residents it was currently alligator mating season, and warned people to keep children and small animals away from the edges of lakes.

Butcher finds dog tags inside alligator

Last month a butcher in South Carolina found tags belonging to dogs from 24 years ago in the belly of a 3.6-metre alligator.

It’s not clear exactly what the plan for the alligator’s remains are.

Cordray’s, which posted photos of the 200kg animal, sells alligator sausages, fillets and jerky on its menu. It also does taxidermy.

A Florida man also recently filmed an alligator and a bull shark swimming next to each other.

Gray Vinson spotted the pair in the Indian River on March 21 and shared a video of the unlikely friends to Facebook.

"It’s not everyday you see a bull shark and a gator swimming together in the Indian river," he said.

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