Woman's self-serve checkout stunt at supermarket sparks backlash

The viral clip proved divisive online – but not for the reason she intended.

Social media personality Katie Miller uploaded a video to Twitch in which she can be seen intentionally holding up a supermarket queue.
The influencer attracted criticism over the video in a supermarket queue. Source: X

A young influencer has sparked debate while trying to highlight the sometimes uncomfortable reality for young women when out in public. In doing so, she's been criticised for apparently holding up a supermarket queue for the carefully orchestrated social media video.

While seemingly waiting to pay for her groceries at a self-serve checkout area, the woman recorded herself tallying how many times the male customer behind her "looked at her".

US woman Katie Miller, from Tennessee, was in the process of paying for her groceries at the self-serve checkout when she started recording the clip, while using a second device to add up the amount of times the man snuck an extended glance at her.

The 36-second video, uploaded to streaming platform Twitch, concluded with Miller making a cryptic comment, suggesting young women are commonly objectified.

"That’s what you guys are, just a couple of meat bags."

While Miller appeared to be making a subtle statement, many viewers were quick to call her out for the setting in which she did it.

While it's unclear if she was merely waiting to access a till or if her antics were holding up other customers, many didn't give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Gotta wonder how often she does this, given that she's got a phone in her hand and another one filming her grocery store adventure from the cart," a man said in response.

"Main character syndrome getting out of hand," another commented.

One woman questioned the genuine nature of such influencer videos aimed at social media. "Now whenever I watch a reel, I think about how fabricated it is — how many takes, what different angles, the fake scenarios," she said.

"Holding up checkout to make a TikTok should be a criminal offence," another man chided while sharing the video.

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