Woman's scathing rant about mums that shop at Kmart

Kristine Tarbert
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An angry woman’s furious rant labelling mum’s who buy shoes for their children at Kmart as ‘disgusting’ and ‘feral’ has gone viral.

The unnamed woman, who has called herself a ‘concerned future mum’, took to Facebook to slam anyone who shops at the popular department store, going so far as to say they “don’t deserve children”.

“You lot disgust me and don’t deserve children and should not have had children,” her ‘open letter to mothers’ read.

“I see this every day! Pathetic mummies sending their feral brats to school with no-name Kmart shoes with no considerations for your child’s feet.”

Photo: Reddit/Facebook

She goes on to rant that the cheap shoes would ‘ruin their feet later in life’ because of the supposed lack of proper support and the synthetic material.

“It’s putrid and irresponsible. If you can’t afford proper fitted shoes you should be forced to do parenting and money management courses, instead of blowing all your money on crap from Afterpay,” she wrote in the post, which was later shared to Reddit.

“When I have a child it will only have the best of everything because I will love and care for my child, unlike you feral, scabby excuses for parents, and I know how to manage money.”

The woman claimed Kmart shoes were bad for children’s feet. Photo: Getty

Her post quickly received a host of comments slamming her outburst, despite her attempt to tell anyone with negative thoughts to “scroll on”.

Well, notice that she doesn’t have kids yet, and probably knows nothing about parenting,” one person commented.

“My mom says ‘people without children are experts in child rearing’,” another person wrote. “Just so there’s no confusion, she means that sarcastically.”

Parenthood is going to hit her like a metric ton of bricks,” was another comment.

Many pointed out that children go through so many shoes as they grow some can’t afford more expensive pairs. While others even pointed out that it’s possible all the shoes were made in the same place anyway.

My kids go through like 4 pairs of shoes a year, they are growing and fast,” was one comment.

It’s funny that she thinks those expensive shoes aren’t made in the same factory as the cheap ones,” another person said.  

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