Woman's scathing note after nosy neighbour's annoying act

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A fed-up resident has written a fiery note aimed at one of her neighbours who was captured on camera snooping around her mail deliveries.

The resident Doyenne shared on Twitter that she recently installed a Ring doorbell and noticed one of her neighbours taking a liking to her packages.

Doyenne, who appears to live in an apartment block near the elevator, wrote that one woman would repeatedly touch and read her packages every time she walked past.

“I installed a ring camera and noticed a white lady constantly touching and reading my packages,” she wrote in the first tweet, along with a video of the woman.

A woman stops and bends over to inspect her neighbour's packages.
The nosy neighbour was caught on camera multiple times reading and touching the woman's parcels. Source: Twitter

In a second video on a different day, the woman can be seen acknowledging the cameras, saying: “That’s smart.”

Hours later she walks past the door and pauses above the packages to read them again.

Annoyed by the woman’s actions, Doyenne took matters into her own hands and attached a notice to her door, right where the packages get delivered.

“This is for the white lady with the thick glasses, uneven haircut and dusty shorts. Stop tampering, reading and touching my packages,” the note read.

A note directed at the woman asks her to stop tampering, reading and touching the packages.
Doyenne wrote a note directed at her neighbour, who quickly stopped snooping. Source: Twitter

Neighbours amused by woman's note

After putting up the note, the woman didn’t walk past for several days – but it did attract attention from other neighbours whose reactions were filmed on the doorbell camera.

Some laughed and others looked shocked, while one man exclaimed, “that’s awesome!”

Eventually, the culprit entered the hallway and paused to read the note written on the door.

In the next video, the woman walks straight past the door with her friends, completely ignoring the packages.

“She’s definitely embarrassed because normally she runs up to my door to read and touch my packages,” Doyenne wrote, believing that her message was received loud and clear.

In follow-up tweets, Doyenne wrote that her hallway is a “low traffic” area with the same handful of neighbours walking past daily.

She also said the package delivery service drops the parcels directly to her door, not a common area where parcels can be mixed up.

“It’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to think MY packages are theirs. Keep your phalanges to yourself,” she wrote.

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