Popular living room item sends pregnant mum's home 'up in flames'

Nadine Carroll
·2-min read

A pregnant mum has warned others not to purchase cheap wax burners after one “exploded” setting her house on fire and burning her boyfriend.

Shannon Valerie said she was 39 weeks pregnant when a wax burner lit by a candle “exploded and my house was up in flames.”

Ms Valerie shared several shocking images on Facebook showing the aftermath of the incident — a singed wall, wax melted onto the carpet and her partner's badly burnt hand after he tried to remove the burning items from their home in the UK.

burned items from a house and a man with a burned arm after a wax burner 'exploded' in the house
Shannon Valerie said a wax burner exploded, setting her house on fire and burning her boyfriend. Source: Facebook/Shannon Valerie

“Carpet all melted, mirror melted, all my floorings burned but it's all replaceable! ... it could of ended a lot worse for us,” she wrote on February 17.

The mother of one shared the incident which also terrified her three-year-old son who fortunately wasn't in the room at the time the burner exploded.

Ms Valerie wrote in a later post that her partner may require a skin graft after the incident.

Images of a wax burner that is similar to the one purchased by Shannon Valerie who claimed it exploded in her home
A UK mother said a wax burner (similar to the one above) 'exploded' in her home melting carpet and burning a wall. Source: Facebook/Shannon Valerie

The mum said she had purchased the wax burner from UK store B&M in November 2020 but had only recently starting using it.

She cautioned those who had purchased the inexpensive wax burners to throw them out.

"Please, please, please if you have this wax burner, throw it out," she wrote.

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