Woman's near death experience after suffering allergy at Adele concert

An Adelaide woman remains in intensive care after she suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction at Adele’s concert.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Pooja Newman was in the crowd when hundreds of giant balloons were dropped above her.

Ms Newman said the balloons were covered in a latex powder, which sent her into anaphylactic shock.

“I felt my lips swelling and couldn’t breathe, I knew I was in trouble,” she said.

The mother of three was rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital, where she’s been recovering in ICU for the last two days.

Pooja Newman was rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital. Photo: 7 News.
Adele was performing in Adelaide when Ms Newman suffered the allergic reaction. Photo: Getty

Family members told 7 News of the long wait for an ambulance to arrive.

“It took forever and we could have lost her,” she said.

On Wednesday Adelaide Oval issued a statement saying the incident was handled in “exemplary fashion”.

The family hoped the concert promoter would reconsider the use of latex in future.

“It’s a well known occupational allergy… using latex gloves you’ll notice a lot of that has been phased out in hospitals.”