Woman's mistake behind the wheel leads to terrifying accident

Ash Cant
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Police have rescued a woman from her van which was sinking into a river, after one mistake caused the horrific crash.

The City of Alliance Police Department released the dramatic footage of the rescue to their Facebook page.

The woman had crashed her car into the Mahoning River in Ohio on November 22.

In the video, one police officer is seen moving down to the river where another officer is waist-deep in the water.

The car is seen through the trees, submerged in the Mahoning River
Police helped save a woman from her vehicle, which was sinking into a river. Source: Facebook/City of Alliance Police Department

“I can’t breathe,” the officer in the water is heard saying, as his colleague assures him from the riverbank, handing him a tomahawk to free the woman trapped in her car.

The front end of the car is seen fully submerged in water, the woman is in the backseat of the vehicle, the officer in the water says she can’t open the doors as they are all locked.

The officer on the riverbank says his foot is stuck in a rock, so he instructs the other officers to break the window and have the woman turn away.

The officer in the water shatters the window and helps free the woman from the wreck and get up on to the riverbank.

Woman had fallen asleep at the wheel

Police Lieutenant Dave Bair told local news website The Repository that the 24-year-old woman had just finished work and fell asleep at the wheel, veering off the road and into the river.

“Her car was almost full of water when the officers pulled her out of the river,” Lt Bair said.

A police officer, waist-deep in the water, rescues the woman from the van.
Police rescued a woman from her vehicle which was submerged in a near-freezing lake. Source: Facebook/City of Alliance Police Department

“They communicated well and got her out of the vehicle. If these officers had been late by 30 seconds, I don't know if she would be here.”

The woman did go to hospital and she did suffer some facial injuries, though nothing too serious The Respiratory reported.

Lt Bair said the woman was treated and released from hospital, but warned you can die quickly from hypothermia and the water was around 4.4C.

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