Woman's mistake before finding out about $3 million lotto win

Ash Cant
·2-min read

A woman in southwest Sydney made quite an enviable mistake when she checked her lottery ticket.

There were two winning entries in Saturday Lotto's draw 4131 over the weekend, each winning $3 million, one of the winners was a woman from Campbelltown, who initially believed she had won $3000.

The woman explained to a spokesperson from The Lott she checked her lotto ticket on Sunday, and then checked her ticket again, realising her mistake and was in "complete disbelief".

“I couldn’t do anything after that. I didn’t know if it was real or not," she said.

The woman was expecting a call from The Lott on Monday, hoping someone would confirm her win.

"Now you’ve confirmed it I don’t know what to say. I’ll have to let it sink in," the woman told The Lott.

While waiting for her win to be confirmed, the woman admitted she was going about her life as she normal would, saying she has "things to do".

A woman from Campbelltown has won $3 million in Saturday Lotto, initially thinking she had just won $3000. Source: The Lott
A woman from Campbelltown has won $3 million in Saturday Lotto, initially thinking she had just won $3000. Source: The Lott

“I came into work this morning because I’m so busy. But I think I’m going to have to head home," she explained on Monday.

“Who can concentrate at a time like this?”

Woman plans to use winnings to help others

The woman plans on doing a bit of good with her $3 million win, by helping out a few people and pay off her mortgage, or perhaps purchase a new home.

“Since Covid hit, it feels like everything has been put on hold,” she said.

“Things have been a bit tough, and I’ve got a few people in my life who need a bit of help.

“This win will mean I’ll be able to pay off my mortgage or even buy a new house.

“I’ll be able to help my family, who need help."

When travel is once again a reality, the woman said she will be heading off on a holiday.

She purchased the winning ticket at newsXpress Campbelltown and owner Lawrence Li said it was the first time in seven years a winning ticket had been sold at the store.

“We’ve been telling all of our customers, and everyone is happy about the news," he said.

“Our regular customers have said they are thrilled luck has struck in our store."

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