Woman's incredible transformation after six-year drug addiction

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A woman has shared her remarkable transformation following a six year drug addition, earning her a huge online following.

Faith Hill, a 22-year-old from the US state of Missouri had to have all her teeth removed after struggling with the years-long addiction, Buzzfeed reported.

After spending time in jail, rehab, relapsing, and then leaving a tumultuous relationship in recent years, she is now sharing unvarnished stories of her past on social media.

The former drug addict removes her teeth (left) and poses for the camera with teeth (right).
The 22-year-old's raw videos have hundred of thousands of views. Source: TikTok/Instagram

With a TokTok handle declaring she is “ruthless and toothless”, Ms Hill answers questions from followers about her previous meth addiction, legal troubles and her fake teeth.

“Back in my addiction, I used to sell drugs and I used to run around with guns,” she says in one TikTok video after a user asked why she had been to court.

“Please don’t ever do that, it doesn’t make you cool. It’s terrible.”

‘I felt hideous’: Woman shares struggle without teeth

When Ms Hill got sober, she realised the damage that her methamphetamine habit had taken on her teeth and says she later had to have them completely removed.

For about two months, she was toothless while waiting for dentures to be made.

“I was miserable during that time period. I didn’t feel pretty, I felt hideous,” she told Buzzfeed.

Woman pictured without dentures (left) and with the dentures in (right).
Faith Hill says she felt 'hideous' when all of her teeth were removed. Source: TikTok

When she got her new replacement teeth in December, she decided to start making content on social media about what it is like to have dentures at such a young age, while also warning others not to go down the same path she did.

She films videos about the different adhesives she uses to keep her teeth in and tries to remove the “stigma” around dentures.

“I decided to start making TikToks about my dentures to raise awareness and to show the world that people with dentures are beautiful too,” she said.

In one viral video that has amassed nearly 18 million views, she flashes her “empty” smile for followers after removing her teeth.

Speaking on TikTok, she recalled how living on the streets meant she neglected her health and hygiene.

“I was on a six-year drug bender on methamphetamines. I was living on the streets, hotels, anywhere I could manage to lay my head at,” she explained.

“I obviously didn't take care of my teeth. Well, I thought I did, but I didn't. And it caused a lot of breakage, a lot of rotting, and I finally got them removed.”

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